Socrates - Comenius 1: 
School Project “We are all living under the same sky”

From Chemistry lessons, we offer the students at partner schools in Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany, working with us in the Socrates project, a few laboratory works on the subject Chemistry in the kitchen“. 

The practicals of our students are concentrated on simple chemical tests of foods used by the preparation of meals in the kitchen. The pupils followed for instance ingredients of goulash soup, concentration of substances (sugar, salt, vinegar, potatoes, proteins, fat etc.) in foods (potato salad, apple strudel, cucumber pickle, mineral water, milk), density of solid foods (potatoes, apple, jam, rice, cucumber) and of liquid foods (juice, syrup, milk, oil, vinegar), melting and boiling points (soup, tea, milk, syrup, vinegar, wax), acidity and alkalinity (mineral water, beer, syrup, milk, vinegar, tea, rum), electric resistance (oil, vinegar, tea, mineral water, soup), qualities of salt, sugar and flour, ingredients of fermented apricot juice etc.  

Determining the properties and qualities of food, students used weighing, heating up, filtration, distillation, measuring the volume, electric current and voltage etc.

The request of Chemistry teacher at Gymnazium Velke Mezirici: all the partner schools working in Socrates project are asked to send him various editions of the Periodic Table used in Chemistry lessons at these schools.

Laboratory Works:
Chemistry in the Kitchen

  1. Distillation of fermented apricot juice

  2. Electric resistance of liquid foods

  3. Filtration of soup

  4. Density of liquid foods

  5. Density of solid foods

  6. Concentration of substances in food

  7. Vital capacity

  8. pH of foods

  9. Melting and boiling points of substances in household

  10. Qualities of foods