Socrates - Comenius 1: 
School Project “We are all living under the same sky”

Welcome to the Web Site of Socrates, subject Biology. We present partly the topics, plans, tasks and aims of the project, but above all the results of our work. We have not finished it yet as the whole project is divided into three parts, each for one school year, and every school year into other two periods (see the Thematic Plan). But still we think that even this small part of our work is interesting and informative and is worth studying!

Class V3.A

That's us, class V3.A, in front of our school ...


Research of Generic Composition of Dicotyledonous Plants in Balinka Valley


  1. Collecting plants in the field and working them up, documentation, archivation

  2. Identification of the plants and classifying them into the botanical system

  3. Writing a specialized text

  4. Translation into Eglish

  5. Making up a web site

  6. Communication with other project partners by means of internet and e-mail


Students acquire practical skills of the field work, use their knowledge from Biology lessons while producing herbarium and widen their competence in looking for information in special books and in producing the text, they learn to classify material and distinguish the essencial items from the less important ones.

Final product

A web site with essential dates about selected sites of Balinka Valley, about plant species structure and their dependance on the season, accompanied by sketches, photos and herbarium items.

Thematic Plan of Socrates Project

The result of our work on the Socrates Project in the first term of the school year 2001/2002